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We love our students and appreciate your referrals. We also understand the value of making live connections. That's why we created the Make Your Mark Ambassador Program.

The Make Your Mark Ambassador program was created for 2 reasons:

  • Reason #1 is for you to easily share the awesome experiences you had during your Business Mastery - Power In You event
  • Reason #2 is to form a community of like-minded business owners that can assist each other and grow their businesses to the next level

As a Make Your Mark Ambassador, not only do you earn income when your friends and colleagues attend our 2-hour 'Mastering Your Business for Maximum Profit & Success' events, but you also earn an on-going residual income on any Sherpa package or Quantum Trainer package they purchase. It's a win-win-win! As an Ambassador, you'll be 'first in line' to receive our business-building insights and information, and you'll be invited to our community mixers (awesome networking events) and other community events. It's really a ton of FUN and a great way to expand your connections!

You are about to become a member of a HUGE community of business owners and entrepreneurs that you can connect with, share experiences with, and learn from.

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