How to make money in your business and keep it!

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Making Money is One Thing… Keeping it is Another!

Are you making the money you want in your business and when you are making it do you know how to keep it and ensure your business is growing?

You are no alone, this is like most business owners – even some seasoned business owners could be significantly more successful if they just had processes in place for ensuring they had complete control over the money they are making, and ensuring that they achieve their goals of making tons of money and having lots of time off.

When you manage Cash Flow and know where your business is going to be in the next 12 – 24 months in detail, you get to understand the following:

1. HOW, WHEN and WHY to find financing for your business long before you need it!

2. How to truly understand all aspects of PROFITABILITY in your business.

3. HOW to make key financial decisions with minimal impact on your business.

4. How to work with your VENDORS to benefit your business and Cash Flow.

5. How to accurately determine your break-even point and what each dollar spent truly costs you!

6.) How to keep an eye on your dollars to ensure you know what your bookkeeper and accountant are doing.

7. How to stop financial disaster in your business… and smooth out the HUGE economic swings.

If you would like a basic Cash Flow Predictor to assist you with managing your Business and Personal finances for 2012, yes, the same sheet can be used for your personal financial management – please Contact me via our Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc FaceBook Page or send an email to with “Send Me My Cash Flow Predictor” in the subject line.

To learn more about how to build a powerful Cash Flow Predictor for your business you can come and attend PROFIT WARRIOR, a 1-day event for 9am – 5pm. Call the office (778-565-4090) to learn more from Karly and if you mention you saw this on our BLOG she will give you a BLOG SPECIAL price.

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Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!