Stress is a Perception

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I have been enjoying a very relaxing time in South Africa with my family and was thinking about the topic of STRESS last night! I ended up in a discussion with my father-in-law and got into a lengthy debate about life, events and perceptions!

We ended up on the topic of STRESS. So, I decided to BLOG about it… or the perception of events that we believe cause stress.

We all have many EVENTS happening in our lives on a daily basis; work, finances, family, relationships, victories, challenges, etc. and how we perceive these events will determine whether or not we thrive or battle on a daily basis – and truly how stressed we are!

STRESS is not caused by the events in ones life, but how you perceive those events! This will either propel you forward or have you going backward. We can be overloaded with work or debt and how we respond to these situations will either have us growing or dieing – stressed or Thriving!

Look at the STRESS you have in your life, and as we enter 2013, most of it is self-induced because of the way you react and respond to events and situations. In fact, your response could make you sick, or pumped and ready to take on the world.

Nobody makes us stressed, we make events is our lives stressful!

Yes, the stress you have is 100% your choice!

Look at the events that happen in your life and start to approach them differently by asking yourself “How can I respond in a positive way and to have no stress?”

Stress kills hundreds of thousands of people on an annual basis and if people only examined each situation or event and took the positive from it – people would live longer and be a ton happier!

Time to let go and not have stress controlling your life and health – make the right choices in every case!

Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!