Entrepreneurs Need to Cut the BS!

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Are you killing your business?

The reason why a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs fail is because they are not honest with themselves or others about where their business is at financially. You have to be honest with yourself and when you go out into the marketplace and people ask you how it’s going, you should reply with something other than GREAT! Especially if things are not great!

When you tell people that things are great and that you are really busy, it gives the impression to them that you may not have space for new clients, when actually you are desperate for new clients.

I am sure you have seen this or maybe even experienced this yourself at networking meetings, and left the meeting going all I want is a few more clients or I need to make some sales in order to pay the bills this month!

Then, stop saying things are great when they truly may not be!

askLet people know that your business is doing good and that you currently have space for a couple of new clients. It’s called asking for what you want. When you say you have a couple of spots available it lets people know that you are doing good and it also creates some urgency in their minds to take action and secure one of the available spots.

Be careful; if you say I have an open calendar then people will think that you are truly not busy and they will think that there must be something wrong with you or your business.

The way to grow a successful business is to always be truthful about where your business is at and ASK for what you want!