Branding Versus Marketing

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What’s the difference?

Many business owners do not understand the difference between branding and marketing. So, I have decided to give it to you in simple format so that you really get it.

Branding is how your differentiate yourself in the marketplace. If you are not see to be different… you are invisible!

Marketing is how you communicate the differences that appeal to human emotions through the 5 senses.

Let me give you a good example of this…

An architect designs a unique home that is their flair that differentiates them in the marketplace – so the home would be the branding. The trades that build the home and create the emotional connection would be the marketing – how you see, feel, hear, taste and smell the uniqueness.

You may think that a logo or a tagline is branding, but it is not… this is brand image.

You have to determine what differentiates you in your marketplace! If you do not you will be fighting in the bloody oceans of competition rather than being in the blue ocean of prosperity!.