The Mindset of a 10 Year Old!

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My daughter Jade is wow…. she spent the entire day baking cupcakes on Sunday for our Gratitude Event only to be informed by the hotel that she cannot give them out or sell them – she had already baked 90 cupcakes! I tell her and she says…. well Dad, that’s what it is I am okay with it… I will give them to all the kids at school tomorrow. What a great learning experience! She was so relaxed and looked for the next opportunity and did not focused on the negative. She is a stunning example of how we should all lead our lives… life happens… do not get paralyzed by what you can’t do, focus on what you can do within the circumstances and move on to the next opportunity – mostly see the opportunity in the perceived adversity!

I also informed her that I would give her the money she would have earned for selling them at our event. She says to me, great that will be $90 Dad, to which I said you have to pay the costs like any other business owner, so I will give you $50! She then starts to negotiate and tell me that she wants $80 because the ingredients was not that expensive. I then counter with $40 and she says okay Dad, I am not going to win this one, so give me the $50!!!

We can learn so much from our children. Negotiation is a very important life skill and I love watching her challenge me. Thank you for the life experiences Jade… we can learn from people of all ages!