Writing Powerful Headlines

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Headlines are the most important thing when it comes to marketing. They draw your reader in and hook the mind… when they are powerful and engaging.

Why are headlines so important?

Just like a newspaper a good headline catches your attention and draws you in to read the article.

What makes a good headline?

A good headline has the reader going “Wow, that’s me!” or “Wow, you’re talking to me!”.

A good headline also focuses on the PAIN of the market that you are targeting. What I mean by pain is the #1 thing that is causing discomfort or stress for your clients that you can be the solution for!

Here is an example:

As a training company we sell courses, seminars, etc. to solopreneurs, business owners and entrepreneurs and we often sit and think about the key pains for our target markets.

Here are a few key pains of the market we are targeting:

  1. Not enough time.
  2. Not enough money.
  3. Too much debt in their business.
  4. Not enough clients.
  5. Not enough business knowledge.

There are many more that we could focus on but let’s use these for the moment.

What could we use as a few good headlines to draw in the target reader?

  1. Is your business draining you financially?
  2. Is finding clients causing you stress?
  3. Are you seeing more of your business than your family?
  4. Increase your knowledge and double your profits.

These are all great headlines to draw people into reading the associated article.

Of course, the first few sentences should be directly related to the headline and should start to deliver the solution for the target you are after..