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Maximizing Presentations & Keynote Opportunities!

In the past few weeks, I have met with students who were doing presentations for associations, organizations, networking groups, etc., and what I found interesting was how focused they were on delivering a great presentation, and not really focused on the massive opportunity of the audience sitting in front of them.

You have to realize that the window of opportunity is the widest open when the audience is sitting right in front of you. It does not matter how big or small that audience is, you MUST determine what you are going to offer, sell or giveaway to ensure that you have massive success. Yes, you have to create a powerful and value filled presentation, but do not forget about the opportunity. You may think that you can get the list of attendees from the event, and that you can email them after the event. This takes a lot of work and many hours!

At Make Your Mark, I often forgo the upfront speaking fee in order to be able to giveaway a course, and get people registered at the speaking engagement. I know what our results are once a person comes into our funnel (this was discussed in my last BLOG post on June 24, 2014).

There are a number of things you can offer from the stage that can be very soft sell – the goal is to get the audience’s contact details ethically and legally:

  1. You can sell a course, webinar, etc. but this is often frowned upon.
  2. Give away a course that feeds your funnel – you must know your numbers in order to do this.
  3. Give away a webinar.
  4. Create a prize and send around a fish bowl to collect business cards, and do the draw at the front of the room.
  5. Giveaway a door prize, and collect people’s business cards.
  6. Have them like your Facebook page to win a prize.
  7. Put a QR Code up on screen, and have them scan it to win a prize, and drive them to a landing page where you can collect their name and email address.

The most important part is whatever you are giving away or selling has to be directly related to the presentation you were doing on stage, as this must be something they really want, and relevant to your presentation topic. In fact, if you can seed the product or service that you are going to offer all the way through your presentation, then it makes it even an easier sell at the end.

The most important part of all of the above,  is to negotiate with the organizers upfront as to what you want. It is exciting to get paid to speak, yet you may make substantially more by having clients come in to your funnel for the long term. I would much rather have $100,000 over the next 12 months than have a speaking fee upfront of $15,000. The math is simple!.

The #1 Key To Selling With Confidence

Selling is really just relationship building. If you say that sales is hard or tough, then you are really saying that building relationships for you is the same.

I want you to sell with confidence, and this is done by ensuring you have a very well structured sales funnel. When you have a process or system that you believe in, it allows you to have confidence in your own abilities to sell something that is actually going to be a solution for your client. Yes, as a salesperson in your business or as an entrepreneur you are a solution provider to your market.

So, my question to you is do you have a sales funnel or system that you are selling? Are these systems made up of packages, offers, etc.?

Simply put, do you have a start point for your clients to enter into, in order to start a buying relationship with your business?

Here is how we work things at Make Your Mark:

  1. Everything starts with our 2 hour evening.
  2. The 2 hour evening feeds into the 3 day Business Mastery.
  3. The 3 day Business Mastery leads to The Business Sherpa System and Own Your Greatness.
  4. The Business Sherpa System feeds into supporting courses and 1-on-1 consulting.
  5. Own Your Greatness then leads into the Life Success System.

What I am outlining here is that for MYM it all starts with the 2 hours evening as this feeds the funnel, and everything else.

What does this look like for your business?

What are you doing to create a flow of clients from one product, service, combination of services, etc. that leads them down a buying funnel in your business.

When your business has a very set funnel, it makes you realize that you have a system and process that you can believe in, and confidently promote to your prospects and clients..

Mr. Build

“Just do what Colin say’s, it works! I have increased my revenue from $430,000 to $1,700,000 in only 12 months by implementing his techniques!!”
– John Kerkhoff, Mr. Build.


“Colin is a gifted speaker who creates excitement around learning. His techniques are refreshing and creative and yet presented delivered and suggested in a down to earth fashion.”
– Doug Friesen, Professional Entrepreneur, Visionary & Author. .

Sarah Gallop Design Inc

“I have taken a number of courses with Colin and have found the information provided to be invaluable in the growth of my business.”
– Sarah Gallop, Principal + Registered Interior Designer, Sarah Gallop Design Inc..

Social Media Strategist

“Having followed Colin for many years I was continually impressed by his team’s polite and friendly reminders about possible training opportunities. I finally attended the 3 day Business Mastery Course and saw Colin in his true brilliance.”
– Jonathan Christian, Social Media Strategist.

Fort Langley Colonics

“If you want a mentor that walks his talk and have great results contact Colin. Colin has this ability to open a new worlds for you with out changing who you are. By connecting you and your business with your soul and make it work.”
– Sofia Reis, Colon Hydrotherapist, Fort Langley Colonics.

Solutions Organizing Simple

‘Colin is a dedicated, dynamic teacher and coach. My daughter and I attended his 3 day workshop in January. WOW! I am already reaping the benefits from implementing the learning from his free 3-day workshop.”
– Ranka Burzan, Owner, Solutions Organizing Simple.

Bank of Montreal

“The training was highly rated by my sales force and myself and more importantly we have seen results in our referral ratio’s and in closed sales.”
– Ian Cruickshank, Vice-President, Market Manager
and Regional Director, Sales, B.C..

Bank of Nova Scotia

“It is we that should be thanking you for the awesome or should I say “fantastic” presentation last night.”
– Wendy Stasiuk, Branch Manager, Bank of Nova Scotia.