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How can MYM help your business?

  • Business Excellence

    One of the MOST Influential ANNUAL Business Events of the Year with international speakers and trainers to assist with growing your business.

  • Business Mastery–Power in YOU!

    3-day workshop for anyone who is wanting more out of their life or business or both and feels like they are spinning their wheels and just not getting ahead.

  • Business Plan 101

    An event that takes you through a detailed process of creating an easy to follow Single Page Business Plan for your business for the next 12–18 months.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    1-day event to teach staff in contact with customers or prospects how to deliver a level of service that builds long term relationships and raving fans for your business.

  • Exposure Warrior

    Workshop to assist you with overcoming the fear of finding customers and leads through a detailed process of maximizing follow-up.

  • Hire Fire 101

    1-day course specifically designed to assist business owners and entrepreneurs with turning your employees and sub-contractors into your biggest asset, not liability!

  • Mastering Your Business for Maximum Profit & Success Evening

    2-hour evening of jam-packed business enhancing strategies, business education and fun as you learn key items to assist you in taking your business to the next level.

  • Own Your Greatness

    3-day event taking Business Mastery—Power in YOU! to a new level of manifesting results you want daily and achieving significant levels of financial success!

  • Profit Warrior

    A course for all Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to be a super successful business and not have to struggle financially every month.

  • Quantum Trainer

    Program for those who want to become an expert on stage, and present yourself and your message authentically while making a difference, and a lot of money doing it!

  • Sales Warrior

    2-day workshop where you and your staff will learn powerful and innovative SALES strategies to maximize your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Social Media Wizard

    Three sessions on maximizing the benefit and income from each social medium to work for you and your business, including a monetization strategy and how to refine it.

  • Winning Websites

    2 workshops where you will learn innovative strategies to make your website a powerful lead, sales and income generating tool, so you stand out in the marketplace.

  • Business Success Webinar

    Tune in to a 1-hour webinar where Colin will share the top secrets to growing an extremely profitable business and becoming a highly successful business owner.

  • BEST Mindset Group

    Biweekly meetings of 50-member groups to assist business owners with growing their income to $5,000–$10,000/month through goal setting, accountability and education.

  • KAP-IT Success Group

    Facilitated monthly meetings of 6-member groups for business owners and entrepreneurs at $10,000+/month in profit and want to take it to the next level.

  • Legacy Mastermind Group

    Quarterly meetings where members receive major assistance from investors and experts on growth, systemization, duplication and succession planning.

  • 1-on-1 Business Acceleration Braintrust with Colin Sprake

    3-hour session in which Colin gains a full understanding of your business, compiles a detailed list of recommendations, and follows up to see they have been implemented.

  • Entrepreneur Academy Online

    For those who cannot attend the LIVE events, gain access to packages of courses segmented into various learning points and delivered with associated downloads.

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