Meet the incredible MYM Family

Top class individuals create an
award-winning team & dynamic culture!

Contrary to most statements that your customers are #1 in your business, at Make Your Mark we believe that your Team (employees, faculty, facilitators, contractors, etc.) are #1. Very simply put, when you treat your Team like champions they will treat and look after your clients like gold.

A winning culture all starts with having set core values that you live by as a team and never compromise on! Here are MYM's Core Values:


Knowing we are doing the right
things for one another all the time.


Respect people and their property
for the individuals that they are.


Giving gratitude in all situations, even if
you have not benefited directly.


Doing the right things, at
the right time, all the time!


Always looking for solutions within
the boundaries of the company.


Never compromising on quality and
always striving to improve in every way

Why you do what you do is important!

Serving all to make this planet a better place!

When you focus on dollars you will have money to count, yet, when you focus on people you will have countless dollars. This is a mantra that we live by at Make Your Mark. Because of this mindset, Make Your Mark is leading the industry and sought after by many organizations across the globe to help them inject a people-centric culture into their businesses as well. When you adopt this mindset, you too can have people lining up to work WITH you and buy your products and services.

Below are TWO documents from our Founder, Colin Sprake, which will make this more understandable. Feel free to use them as templates for your organization.

Building Awesome Careers!

Because we just do it right

The shear costs for organizations to continually be hiring, training and replacing people is enormous. At Make Your Mark, we know that our Team is everything to the success of the organization. Without them we would not be where we are today! Our Founder's goal, is to have everyone who works for Make Your Mark be financially set. Make Your Mark does not have a retirement program but rather a Real Estate Abundance Program (REAP) where the Team gets to participate in real estate investments to grow their net worth and residual income.

At Make Your Mark, we believe when you treat people right that they will stay with you for their entire career… millennials included!

Exceptional People
create Exceptional Results!

With dynamic processes and systems

Incredible systems combined with core values create exceptional team members who eat, sleep and drink your culture. Every single person is vetted through a rigorous hiring and onboarding process to ensure that we not only have the right person for the role, but also the right fit culturally.

Our exceptional team of Faculty and Facilitators are no different. Whether contractors or employees, everyone lives the MYM Culture. Find out more about our Faculty and Facilitators below, who are a huge asset to our team.