Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service in one thing, and having EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service is something completely different.

This 1-day event was designed to assist Business Owners to have their staff that are in contact with Customers or prospects delivering a level of service that builds long term relationships and raving fans for your business.

Every person in your company that is in contact with customers or prospects should attend this course, whether it be accounting, shipping, sales, marketing, production, operations… if they communicate in any way or form… this course is a must.

Here is what will you learn at this 1-day EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE event:

1. Customer Service is an Attitude and a Culture.
2. Key reasons WHY companies lose customers.
3. How to create an EXCEPTIONAL experience.
4. Path to Customer Service Excellence.
5. How to grade your own organization.
6. SIX dimensions to Quality Customer Care.
7. First Impression Management.
8. Your TRUE zone of Influence… you will be very surprised.
9. Dealing with Challenging Customers… we have all had these! We will show you a great way to handle tough situations.
10. Putting together an Exceptional Customer Service PLAN.

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Specialised in-house Corporate events for this are conducted for audiences of 10 or more.
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