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Why Your Business Will Fail in The Next 2 Years…

Founder and Owner of Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc., Colin Sprake, has built multiple businesses over the past 30 years and knows what it is like to struggle as an entrepreneur. He has worked with over 10,000 entrepreneurs & business owners just like you, and has developed a dynamic business success system of live seminars, live groups and online trainings to assist you with achieving massive success in your business!
What we have learned through our clients:

  •  87% of Business Owners are earning less than they would in a job.
  • 94% of Business Owners are 2 – 4 weeks away from bankruptcy.
  • 96% of Business Owners who do not get help will either be in the same place or worse off 12 months from now – 81% will be out of business or looking for a job!

There is no system in the world that delivers the same results, as you can see from the rave reviews above. Plus, you will learn how to do business with heart and really build strong authentic relationships with your clients and all those around you, which will directly enhance your profitability!

Make Your Mark lives by the tagline “Business with Soul“, which simply means doing business with Heart in a way that makes a positive impression on all those that your business impacts; Your Staff, Colleagues, Associates, Vendors and the Community.
If you have a successful business or even if you are just starting out, plug into Make Your Mark’s Business SherpaTM System that is fully designed and developed from decades of experience – this is an entrepreneurial training system that is designed and built by somebody that has grown many successful businesses and know what it takes to be massively successful.

A common statement you will hear at Make Your Mark is that “Business is easy until you add human beings”. A big focus is assisting you to get out of your own way by working on powerful mindset tools and techniques followed by highly structured and result oriented business building tools and processes to get you going, growing and massively successful in the shortest period of time.

Get plugged into the Business SherpaTM System by calling our Client Care Specialists and learning more about how you can take you and your business to the next level (+1-778-565-4090  or toll free +1-844-560-5609) or complete the form on the contact us page. We look forward to seeing you achieving massive success in your business!


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