Hire Fire 101

Hire Fire 101

9am – 5pm (1-day event)

This course has been specifically designed to assist business owners and entrepreneurs with the following:

1. How to find great people & keep them!
2. What to know about Employees versus Sub-Contractors.
3. How to create a Success culture.
4. 5 things you must do to foster a TEAM environment.
5. Understand what motivates people and how to reward them accordingly.
6. How to communicate effectively for maximum profit!
7. Understanding different types of compensation structures.

If you have employees or sub-contractors or you are looking at expanding your team, then this course is a MUST!

This 1-day will save you a ton of financial and personal stress.

It is all about turning your employees and sub-contractors into your biggest asset not liability!

Seats do sell quickly for this event.

Call one of our Customer Care Specialists now to register – 778-565-4090.

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