Sales Warrior

Sales Warrior (2-day Workshop)

Here are the powerful and innovative SALES strategies that you & your staff will walk away with to maximize your competitive advantage in the marketplace:

1. Creating the dream and want for your products and services in the minds of your prospects.

2. Understanding your client’s TRUE need.

3. Learning how to be a listener not a hearer.

4. Being results focused and not enemy centered.

5. What is your VALUE to your customer?

6. 5 Step sales psychology – that everyone goes through consciously or unconsciously.

7. Innovative ways to keeping your sales pipeline FULL.

8. Designing highly effective referral and loyalty programs for your business.

9. How to sell to different personality types.

10. How to turn 30% of objections into legitimate sales leads – extremely powerful.

11. 21 Closing techniques to use for your business.

12. How to structure and put compelling sales proposals together for your clients.

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