The Team

A team of heart-centered people devoted to you growing a massively successful business.


Colin Sprake – President & CEO (Business Sherpa)

DSC_3173 (2) Colin is devoted to people achieving huge success in their businesses. There is a very definite reason WHY Colin does what he does and it all stems from childhood. Colin was not a happy teenager as he was severely bullied in school and many times thought of suicide. Colin knew that he would have to work on his mindset in order to regain his happiness and did so by meeting John Kehoe, who had a dramatic impact on his life and where he is at today. Colin now spends time assisting business owners and entrepreneurs to find happiness, build a powerful mindset, and grow sustainable and highly profitable businesses with a ton of love in their life. Colin is also a sought after keynote speaker & trainer.

Gabi Sprake – Financial Manager

DSC_3166 (2)Gabi has been with the company since day one, and is the pillar of strength and support behind Colin and the business. Gabi manages all financial aspects of the business, and is devoted to the Make Your Mark students’ success. She is also the mother to their two amazing daughters, and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, always with a welcoming smile and ready to give a helping hand.


 Cheryl Bishop – Heart Connections Manager

DSC_3157 (2) Cheryl has been with the company since it started in 2009, and has been a huge support in growing the following, reputation and creating momentum for Make Your Mark. Coming from the banking industry she is devoted to client care, has a huge heart, and a massive desire to see people grow and succeed. Cheryl has now grown into a new position that is a natural fit for her – Heart Connection Manager. Cheryl’s focus is on building relationships and partnerships, to assist with the growth of Make Your Mark for the benefit of our students. Cheryl also works with associations and organizations to have Colin on their stages to promote the MYM way. Cheryl enjoys camping with her 2 sons, and her husband when time permits.

Elisia Olsen – Logistics Coordinator

DSC_3147 (2) Elisia was born and raised in Langley, B.C., and joined our team October 2014. Elisia has always been a natural born event planner, and has always been the “go to” person to plan and host family gatherings. She took a leap of faith becoming a wedding coordinator in Whistler. Looking for more challenge, Elisia became a Conference Services Manager at a Whistler hotel. She transferred to sales management within the industry only to discover that her true passion lies in Event Coordination, and thus joining MYM. Elisia enjoys staying active, and being in the outdoors with family and friends, but mostly with her daughter.

 Kallon John – Marketing Manager

DSC_3170 (2)Kallon (Colin with a K), is a writer at heart. Whether it be copywriting, journaling or just writing for fun, he loves using words to engage an emotion in the reader. He says that marketing changed his life.  With marketing, he learned that the only TRUE way to do business is to provide value for other people, and marketing is the best way to offer that value. He lives his life by his driving statement…

“If you have something that can positively affect someone else’s life, then it is your civic duty to get them in the position to buy/obtain what you have.” – Kallon John

Andy Voth – Groups Manager (KAP-IT Success, BEST Mindset,Gratitude)

DSC_3160 (2)Andy comes to MYM with over 10 years experience in the Business Training Industry.  A man of many talents, he is not only a brilliant Systems Specialist, but a wealth of knowledge on many mechanical things (he can fix ANYTHING).  Andy has a heart of gold and is always willing to help no matter what the job is.  Andy is a great addition to the growing MYM family..