Spouse Owned and operated Businesses

We at Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc have been assisting couples who own businesses together since 2004. The company was founded by Colin & Gabi Sprake who have been in business together for over 20 years, and they know what it’s like to work together day-in and day-out. It does take special couples to work and play together every day.

They have seen it all and work with couples who are in the first few years in business through to those that have achieved amazing levels of success and are looking to take things to a completely new level, possible exit to do build a new endeavour, or just ready for the next adventure beyond business.

Colin is the business genius in their relationship and has owned, operated and sold numerous business over the past 30-years. Gabi brings her gifts of creativity, support and implementation that has made majority of their ventures successful. Plus, she has a kindness and gentleness about her that are magnetic.

Sadly things have not always worked out as planned. Some ventures hit a wall and this really tested their fortitude and relationship. On the positive side, they are extremely grateful for every challenge they have experienced because that allowed them to grow and learn, and now help businesses in the same position.

They work on all areas of your Business.
Here are a few highlights…

Understanding Ownership, Corporate, Liability & Tax Structures… in depth. Planning your business with the end in mind.

Building a magnetics business for your customers and employees.

How to fall in love with your numbers.

Be the honey, not they fly in your marketing.

How to make decisions based on FACT and not FEELINGS.

Understand how to minimize the tax you pay, through strategies only taught to the wealthy.

Mergers, acquisitions, exit strategies (including succession planning).

How to get true FREEDOM from your business.

Decades of strategies packed into empowering each other and having true work/life balance.

We want to do this for you and your spouse

Here’s our Vision and Mission:


A world in which spouse-owned businesses generate huge financial and emotional returns, and make this planet a better, more loving place for all.


To create the most comprehensive, cutting-edge training and coaching programs for spouses who co-own and operate businesses.

We love working with couples that are caring, committed, accountable And want to have fun


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Colin & Gabi

Working together for decades and putting process and systems in place, they have figured out what it takes to have a super successful business, marriage and family life. They have now been married for close to 24 years and as they say,

“It feels like we got married a week ago!
We so adore each other and the
life we have created.”

That’s why we love to support and mentor COUPLES who are:

Open and understand that they have challenges – No matter what size your business, we all have challenges.

Willing to do the work to get to the next level and highly driven.

Passionate about what they do.

Okay to being held accountable.

Aware that the more they grow themselves, the more they grow their business.

Committed to the belief that mindset is 98% of success in all areas of life.

Big in supporting others who are less fortunate.

Goal obsessed and straight shooters.

All about having fun, laughing and enjoying the finer things in life.

They also love to contribute to various charities that are near and dear to their hearts and you will often find them out in the community supporting others!

We are very excited to connect with you!

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