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Case Study

Clifford & Tanya Fix

Dear Colin and Gabi,

It is incredible to think we first were introduced to you and Make Your Mark three years ago, and we wanted to share our gratitude for the adventure, impact, and love we have for you and the MYM team!

We had almost given up on finding a business mentor that was not advocating spending large quantities of cash for 15 minutes of fame, associating with famous personalities, or using bait and hooks that were less than savory. Not one of them understood or presented information that suited our business. When Clifford found an ad for Make Your Mark MP&S on LinkedIn in the Fall of 2017, we were hopeful because it resonated.

Your MP&S presenter indicated the supports and the growth possibilities with MYM and shared tools similar to or an adjustment of tools that we were familiar with from a personal development course we had taken a year and a half previous. At least seven times, we leaned into each other in two hours and whispered about the “tools” offering reasonable, positive, attainable solutions. We had confidence and were excited to sign up for Business Mastery because these tools had helped us change the course of our marriage.

Tanya attended Business Mastery in February 2018 with a friend because Clifford had a timing conflict. She decided to sign up for Best Mindset when you both reassured her that MYM programs would enable and support the other active program we were involved in without conflict. Best Mindset was invaluable in rebuilding her confidence, making friends, and substantial growth in understanding. The planning and goal-setting skills she developed for finances got us on the same page and saved our business relationship. Encouraged by Tanya’s growth, Clifford attended Business Mastery in May 2018, signed up for Kap-it, found vital mentorship, peer support, and challenge that he needed to continue reinvesting himself into the company.

As Clifford’s two-year Kap-it program was concluding, the pandemic arrived in Canada. Your pivot in March 2020 encouraged and challenged us to pivot as well. The raw and honest conversations, acknowledgment of your personal, marriage, and business challenges, and daily support meetings for the MYM family were a lifeline through times when our business radically dropped off.

Every course we have taken (Money Mastery, Winning Website, Sales, Marketing Warrior, Own Your Greatness and Pivot to Profit, etc.) was information-rich, and the practical tools/ application that we could dig into and utilize were thorough. The daily MYM family support and Survival Masterclasses which became Thriving webinars you hosted through much of 2020 with guest speakers were more of the same, and then some!

Given the pandemic’s economic impact, signing up in November 2020 for Pro-CEO mentorship as a couple was another leap of faith, but we were in complete agreement and excited. Your care, mentorship, encouragement, and connection when we have struggled the past three months in this exciting process and program has been invaluable. Because you believe in us, the possibility of our dreams and goals, and love and support us right where we are at right from the start, we are confident in achieving the goals we have for our business and the opportunities its success offers.

We look forward to the facets of support and wisdom you and Gabi bring to the relationship and business development over the next several months of Pro-CEO. What better example for spouse-owned businesses than to have spouses as mentors?!

With heartfelt gratitude for you, your team, and MYM programs,

Clifford & Tanya Fix

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