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Dallas & Maria Ritz

My Wife and I have been with Colin and the MYM program for the better part of 4 years now.  Although it was a struggle to even get me to the first 2hr event Colin put on!  I remember telling my wife that the business didn’t have time for me to leave for some event for two hours… Anyway, we ended up going and before the end of the two hours we ended up signing up for the 3-day event called Business Mastery.  Well, I put it off and put it off, postponed each event to the next date until I forgot and wasn’t going to get my money back.  So, I told my wife/business partner that we’ll go, but I would only be attending the first day and that’s it.  I again couldn’t afford to take 3 days off work.  It was about half way through the first day of just sitting there listening to Colin speak that I began to become enlightened! My wife and I were completely in awe. It was hard to accept, but It was in fact me that was holding the business back.  It was me that was the problem.  It was me that refused to change.  It was perhaps one of the single most influential moments in our business.  At lunch I called my clients and my helper at the time and told them I would not be back on site for the remainder of the event.  We felt there was just too much to gain from Colin.

During that 3-Day event, Colin transformed my mind.  I became the person I needed to be in order to change our business, my marriage, my family, and my personal life for the better.  He gave me the tools and the “boot to the butt” that I needed.  We were also connected to so many like minded people that have elevated our lives to a place that we honestly never thought we’d be.

Through the 3-day business mastery my wife and I signed up for the Kap-It Success Sherpa Elite Program.  Two years of working with Colin and like-minded business owners.  It was even further transformational.  My wife and I basically tripled the size of our business in 2 years.  We hired amazing team members, I was able to get off the tools, leave site and do what I do now which is client relations and business development.  Painful days labouring on a construction site are now behind me for good!

As the two-year program came to an end, despite being eternally grateful to Colin and the MYM team.  We felt like we needed more, actually we wanted more!  Working with Colin was like an adrenalin shot that you can’t live without once you’ve gotten a taste of it.  Although we had been given many tools, practices and ideas, we just wanted more.  As Colin says “what you put out to the universe you will get”.  Sure enough, due to the pandemic in 2020 and a complete restructuring of the MYM brand and business, my wife signed up to go to a spouse owned business seminar with Colin and his wife Gabi.  Again, we felt the fire inside us and since then have been working with Colin on a private basis for the last 3 months and will continue to do so.  I can honestly say that the reward-based mindset that Colin has instituted into our brains has made it possible to reach the business profit goals only previously fantasized about.  It’s allowed us to build an amazing team and support and nurture them unlike ever before.  The most amazing thing is that this is only just the start again.  I don’t have any reservations about the transformation and the abundance our life will achieve with Colin in our corner. Truly Grateful.

Dallas & Maria Ritz

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