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Case Study

Joel and Paula Godden

My wife and I have been involved with Colin and Make Your Mark training since 2015. Our business was a small idea and a dream back then. Struggling mostly with fears of failure we took part in 1 of Colin’s live events that forever changed how we both operated. We thought we had signed up for some business training and left transformed and not only thinking of what might be possible, but more importantly, no longer held back with fears and doubts that had plagued us both. We also left with some great new friendships with other amazing inspiring people. As a wonderful side effect of that weekend we had more room for love and happiness in our marriage.

We have continued to take part in various MYM trainings and offerings. Most recently we did a 3 month personal 1 on 1 with Colin that again changed the results we were getting. He helped us see that we were not taking full advantage of business opportunities and were devaluing our product by giving discounts and had our prices lower then what we knew they were worth.  He also taught us some fairly easy to pick up and implement business skills and strategies that we desperately needed to learn.  I can say with 100% certainty that we are more profitable, confident and 10 times the business people that we were without his coaching.

After 6 years of knowing Colin and being around him and those in his community I can guarantee you 2 things;

  1. You will not find another coach or trainer who is more committed to your success.
  2. Everything that Colin is a part of contains high value, transformative, loving and life altering content.

As a business man, his vast experience at all levels allows him to help and contribute to anyone he coaches. More importantly as a human his heart centred, family 1st approach makes him relatable to anyone. He is truly 1 of the most generous and loving difference makers in the lower mainland or anywhere else that you might look. Whether it is an hour zoom call, a coaching session or a yearlong deeper dive coaching agreement, he will make a difference for you. If you are tired of the same old results, feel like you have hit a ceiling on your success or struggle with feeling like you are not worthy of success like we did, Colin is what you are missing.

Joel and Paula Godden

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